Laura Rose
Discovery Channel Program Credits
(U= Upfront; HD=High Definition)
Project Production Company Ep x Hr Airdate
New Detectives - Season 7: eps 68-86 New Dominion Pictures 6 x 60 6/11/2002
(U) Anatomy of Sex Tiger/Tigress Productions US (TTP, LLC) 1 x 60 3/13/2005
Ancestors of Ancient Rome: The Etruscans (ft) Cicada Films 1 x 60 9/26/2004
Billy The Kid (wt) Morningstar Entertainment 1 x 60 3/2/2004
Black Mummies (wt) Fulcrum Productions Limited 1 x 60 2/17/2003
Celtic Causeway (wt) JV Programs LLC 1 x 60 2/12/2003
(U)(HD) Dinosaur Planet Evergreen Films, LLC 4 x 60 12/14/2003
(U) From Conception to Birth Tiger/Tigress Productions US (TTP, LLC) 1 x 60 3/13/2005
Future Is Wild, The (120) Big Rock Productions Inc. (DSC reversion) 1 x 120 5/18/2003
Guilty or Innocent? (ft) Pilgrim Films and Television, Inc. 18 x 60 1/29/2005
Kennedy Women, The (wt) Atlantic Creative 1 x 120 10/10/2004
Lizzie Borden (wt) Morningstar Entertainment 1 x 60 10/30/2004
Lost Dinosaurs Down Under Red Sky Film and TV Ltd. 1 x 60 7/18/2004
Lost Temple to the Gods (ft) Cinenova Productions, Inc. 1 x 60 7/23/2003
(HD) Moments in Time (wt) Terra Nova Television 10 x 60 7/2/2003
More Science of Magic (wt) Termite Art Productions 1 x 60 2/13/2003
Primal Fear (wt) Pacific Coast Video Inc. 1 x 60 7/25/2004
(HD) Quest for Columbus: In Search of the Santa Maria (FT) Engel Brothers Media 1 x 60 5/23/2004
Search for the Lochness Monster (wt) JV Programs LLC 1 x 60 10/26/2003
Second Opinion with Doctor Oz (wt) Rocket Pictures LLC 13 x 60 10/20/2003
Secrets of Pearl Harbor Evergreen Films, LLC 1 x 60 12/15/2004
T-Rex: Warrior or Wimp (Horizon 03/04) (wt) BBC Sales Company 1 x 60 8/19/2004
Undetectables (wt) (aka; Hidden World) Film Oasis 1 x 60 3/8/2005
Vesuvius: Deadly Fury DocLab s.r.l. 1 x 60 5/15/2003
(U) Virtual History: Secret Plot to Kill Hitler (FT) Tiger/Tigress Productions US (TTP, LLC) 1 x 120 11/28/2004
Walking with Cavemen Evergreen Films, LLC (DSC reversion) 1 x 120 6/15/2003
(U) Walking with Cavemen - 2 Hr. (FT) JV Programs LLC 1 x 120
Weather Extreme Evergreen Films, LLC 1 x 60
Who Betrayed Anne Frank (wt) Tiger/Tigress Productions US (TTP, LLC) 1 x 60 12/3/2003
Wild Child: The Story of Feral Children Optomen Television[DNE Vendor] 1 x 60 6/5/2003
(U)(HD) Alien Planet Evergreen Films, LLC 1 x 120
Science of Star Wars (wt) Evergreen Films, LLC 3 x 60
Time Machine (wt) BBC/JVP Productions 3 x 60
Plus 20 Hours in production/not yet delivered by Fall 2005
*       Production and Post-production (producing reversions, teases, CTCs; production
coordination; talent testing and casting; supervising taped interviews, narration sessions,
AVID edits, mixes, and on-lines; program development and editorial)
*       Writing and Editing (treatments; scripts; program descriptions)
*       Research and Development (web and book research; history of topic coverage;
expert/scientist assessment; program ideas; competitive research)
*       Training and Management (Staff training and coordination)
*       Art and Design (title treatments; lower-thirds; document layout; college minor in Art)
*       Event Planning (shoots; meetings; press conferences; fundraisers)
*       Public Relations (press releases; promotional materials)

Production Coordinator (2002-2005), Discovery Channel
*       Assisted EP Tomi Landis in production of over 50 hours of one-up and series programming
per year, from development to air. Roster includes high-profile specials and Upfronts.
*       Produced large-scale reversions. Hired outside writers, composers, and narrators as
needed. Estimated budgets, submitted invoices, and coordinated contracts.
*       On-location in LA and New York, supervised and assisted production shoots, casting and
narration sessions.  

Participated in development meetings.
*       Shot interviews for use in reversions and development materials.
*       Produced promotional reels for Ad sales, corporate, and internal communications
*       Liaised with vendors, DCI Marketing & Promos, Press, PMD, Ad Sales, International, Legal,
and Discovery Production Group.
*       Participated in Network development, internal operations improvement, and SWAT
*       Developed working knowledge of current research, experts, and practices in: Paleontology,
Genome Research, Biblical Archaeology, Anthropology, Evolution, Celtic Archaeology, Forensics
Programming, Death Penalty Law, and Space Exploration.