Laura Rose is a stage/screen actress and director  in  
Charleston,  SC,  with   special  training in Shakespeare &
Theatre Education.  Experience also includes  fencing  and  
stage swordplay,equestrian sports, & Irish  musical instruments.
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THEATRE (selected credits)
Founder and Artistic Director                                                     Holy City Shakespeare (HCS)
Director/Gertrude              Hamlet                                              HCS
Director/Viola                    Twelfth Night                                  HCS
Director                                Much Ado About Nothing            HCS
Steffy Blondell                    I Oughta Be in Pictures                 South of Broadway Theatre

Officer Randy Osteen        Superior Donuts                             PURE Theatre
Lily Gibbs                            Fairy Tale Ending (staged read)  South of Broadway Theatre
Petruchio                              Taming of the Shrew                     Theatre/VERV/
Timothea Stiles                    Sea Marks                                       Footlight Theatre
Duchess of York                  Richard III                                      College of Charleston
Understudy Titania/            Midsummer Night's Dream         Folger Shakespeare Theatre,
Hippolyta/Peaseblossom                                                                DC
Grete                                      Sight Unseen                                  Fells Point Corner Theater
Yvonne Fouchet                  The Dinner Party (Neil Simon)   Vagabond Theater, Balt
Livia                                      Women Beware Women               Shakespeare Institute, UK
[Multiple]                              Vera [Student reading]                 Signature Theater, DC      
Helena                                   Midsummer Night’s Dream          St. Andrews College, NC
Storyteller; Maria/Juliet    Valentine Gala                               St. Andrews College and
                                                                                                       UNC-Wilmington, NC
Daisy Diana Dorothea Devore  The Adding Machine           St. Andrews College, NC

Timeless                              Margaret Willington (ST)              Dir. Gabriel Garcia (Festival de
                                                                                                       Cannes, May 18, 2004)
Dear, John                          Party Guest  (BG)                            Dir. Lasse Hallestrom
Contradicting Erastus      Customer (F)                                     Taquet Films
Perfect Poison                   Tack Shop Owner (F)                      Illuminati Films
                              DOE Employee (BG)                      Warner Bros.,
                                                                                                        Dir. Steven Gaghan
Mentor                                Univ. Trustee (BG)                          Dir. David Langlitz

U.S.S. Cole Conspiracy  Cathy Lopez (GS)                Story House Prod.(History Channel)
Scattered                             Alice Shelter (L)                  Satellite Prod. (series considered by
                                                                                           SyFy and Oxygen)
Len Stoler Ford                  Commercial (SP)
Production coordinator, Prime Time Production         Discovery Channel (2002-2005)
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Emily Hearn "Rooftop" Music Video
Massachusetts Surgery Center   Patient (P)                  Sedgwick Productions
Easy Walls Wallpaper                 Mom (SP)                   Filmsters, Inc.
Clorox Cleaning Wand               Print Subject              Ketchum; Cade Martin Photography

Adjunct Faculty, Dept. Speech, For. Lang., & Theatre (2007-present)Trident Tech. College
Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of Theatre (2005)                                           College of Charleston
Visiting Faculty and Director, Dept. of Theatre (2001)                    St. Andrews College,NC  
Acting Instructor, Children's Theater (2007-8)                                  Wando Community Ed.

Ph.D. Researcher, Shakespeare Studies                  The Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-
(Dissertation Advisor, Prof. Michael Dobson)            upon-Avon, UK
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) Rhetoric                             Catholic University of America
M.A. Shakespeare Studies                                         The Shakespeare Institute, Straford-
(Thesis Advisor, Stanley Wells)                                    upon-Avon, UK
Shakespeare Text and Performance                         UNC-Charlotte and CUA at Stratford-
                                                                                       upon-Avon and London, UK
Master Class in Acting Shakespeare                        RSC Co-Founder John Barton
Voice/Speaking Shakespeare Verse                        Cicely Berry, Andrew Wade,
                                                                                       Chris Marino, Cathleen McCarron
Shakespeare Performance Studies                            Russell Jackson, Robert Smallwood
Interpreting the Text, Stage Mvmnt                          Sue Lefton, Struan Leslie
Improvisation                                                                Meade Andrews
On-Camera Training                                                   Brenna McDonough
Monologue/Scene Work                                            Brian Chavanne & Molly Dedham,CSA
Accent/Dialect Coaching                                           Zoe Anastassiou, Fred Hutter
Musical Voice                                                              Pamela Bricker
Drama Theory, Perf. History                                    Gary Jay Williams
Screenwriting/Playwriting                                        Marc Lapadula, Mark Stein, Roland Reed
Acting and Movement                                                Mark Parsons, Beverly Bloch, Rick Fiori
Ballet (15yrs) & Jazz Dance (5yrs)                            Gay Porter, Barbara Howse-Meadows

English Equestrian; Epee Fencing; Italian Stage Swordplay; Traditional and Irish Flute;
Bodhrán (Irish drum); Mezzo Soprano range; Dance; Drum kit; speak French with script;
Accents/dialects: British (Standard, RP, Midlands, North Wales, Liverpool [Scouse],
Manchester), Irish (Standard, Connacht), North Carolina/Southern US, French, German.